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Event Rental Pricing


Standard Packages:

Main Event Hall (Alhambra Room):

Monday thru Thursday $1950
Friday $2700
Saturday $3000
Sunday $25

Conference Room:

Monday thru Sunday $800

Museum Cafe:

Monday thru Sunday $400

Package Add-ons:

Conference Room $500 (standard package only)
Museum Cafe $250*
Grand Car Entrance $150
Cars on the floor (per clearance) $150
Additional Guest
s: per each increment of 50 Guests $100
Extra day set-up (when available) $500
Museum set-up/clean-up (depends on floor plan, number of attendees, etc.)
(*can be rented separately during public operating hours only)

Additional Amenities:

Parking Lot only (price varies)
Rear parking lot $500
Vic’s Ice Cream shop $500

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