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Partnering with us through sponsorship is a great way to support the California Automobile Museum and our mission to preserve, exhibit, and teach the story of the automobile and its influence on our lives. Our business partners enable us to continue our school and public programs, provide family activities and events, and create a hub for all-things-auto in the Sacramento region.


More than 60,000 visitors per year and our demographic is broadening.

Our permanent exhibit appeals to the classic car collector and enthusiast—usually a male baby boomer with moderate to high disposable income whose social activity mainly revolves around collectors and car clubs. But we’re more than a car collection and our visitors are a diverse representation of the community.


We’re drawing young professionals.

By theming our events around established trends and pricing our tickets in a mid- to high-end range, we’re drawing a new market to the museum. Young professionals, hipsters, young urban creatives—no matter what you call them, they’re coming to the California Automobile Museum!


We’re a place for families, too.

Visiting families stroll through the history of cars and California culture from 1885 all the way through to 2011! Sparkplug Square is an automotive-themed play area with a variety of activities to inspire young imaginations. Our Motorworks program even introduces the next generation to the concept of the assembly line by having them create their very own paper Model T on a simulated assembly line!


Education for all.

Whether you are a late model or vintage, we’ve got a learning experience that will rev your engine! Our school tours support Common Core Standards with programs for kindergarten through eighth grade. Title 1 schools can apply for scholarships to cover the entire cost of programs. In our public programming, kids can learn about clay modeling and how an engine works. Adults learn how to drive a Model T, work on Muscle Cars, and even how to enhance their automotive photography.


We have a variety of ways for your business to get involved including annual sponsorship, exhibit sponsorship, event sponsorship, and program sponsorship. We’d happy to customize a sponsorship package to best serve the needs of your business!

Join us on our mission to share the love of automobiles:

Summer Donors

Jackson Brown | Robert Florence

Rich Borgquist | Ken Cemo | Vince Jacobs | James Juanitas | Steve Meyer| Albert Powell | Terry Root | Lynn Schermerhorn | Sandy Shongood | Michael Soares | William Welch | Ken Fritz | Stanley Henneman

Chantelle Biaggi | Duwayne Brooks | Donald Craghead | Mary Griffith | Dennis Leary | Michael Ling | Eldon Lowe


Reuben Lusvardi | Merlin Mauk | Macell Millard | Scott Nelson | David Szczerba | Glen Thomas | Linda Van Wert | Michael Walker | Roger Wilson

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