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Do you love the Museum and our collection?

Want to help us take care of them?

 Adopt one of our cars!
Participants in this program will receive:


  • The chance to have photo taken by (chains down) or in your car of choice*

  • Personalized certificate of adoption with a photo of your vehicle

  • Dedicated sign at the vehicle with their name

  • Name on Adopt-a-Car poster at the Museum entrance

  • Name on our website with adopted vehicle - hyperlink if adopted by a business

*photo op with car, view the interior, etc.

The Cars

Gold Tier $500

Silver Tier $250

Like what you see? We don't blame you!


Select an item ($)

Thanks for your order!

Donations for this program support sharing and preserving the history, art, and technology of the automobile for our local community and beyond

Adoption is for 12 months, and renewals will be made quarterly throughout the year. All parties who are currently adopting cars get first priority to adopt the same vehicle next year.

Questions about this program?

Contact our director


or 916-442-6802 ext.11

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