Learn to Drive it, Tune it Up & Even Design it.



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Model T Basics & Driving​

This class is designed to give students an understanding of Model T constructions, nomenclature, operation and basic maintenance and history.  Each student will have the opportunity to drive a Model T!

$95 Non-Member / $85 Member

Model A Basics & Driving​

This class is designed to give students an understanding of Model A constructions, nomenclature, operation and basic maintenance and history.  Each student will have the opportunity to drive a Model A!

$95 Non-Member / $85 Member

Know Your Car 101

Learn all about your car from the mechanics at Paul's Automotive. This is a free class for anyone interested in learning more about their car and the things mechanics look for when doing inspections. 



Model T  Tune-Up Class

This hands-on workshop from 10am-4pm is designed for those who want to learn how to Tune Up their Model T Ford. Students will be personally taught by Milt Webb, our very own “Dr. T”. Topics include the demonstration of tests and measurements of the starter / battery, engine condition (compression tests), ignition service (spark plugs, coil checks, and timing), and fuel system checks (tank, carburetor cleaning and adjustments).


All students are highly encouraged to bring their Model T Ford to class so they can perform tune-up tests and adjustments directly on their vehicle!

$85 Non-Member / $75 Member

Artomotive Photography Workshop

Cameras and cars seem to go together, don’t they?  If it’s aiding a sale, documenting restoration, or simply capturing the beautiful design of a vehicle; photography plays an important role in the automotive hobby. In this workshop, you will learn tips and techniques for enhancing your automotive photographs.  This class is oriented toward digital photography and will include demonstrations on how to use Adobe Photoshop to enhance your photography.  Please note that this course assumes that all adult students have an intermediate knowledge of photography and can bring their own camera equipment including a tripod and their cameras user manual.

$45 Non-Member / $35 Member

Youth Basic Engine​

This is a hands-on 3 hour class aimed at students 4th grade and up.  Students learn how an engine works by taking apart a Briggs and Stratton one cylinder engine to see how the solids, liquids and gases interact to make it run.  Students also get to fire up several different types of engines to see how each gets their specific job done.

$25 Non-Member / $20 Member

Racing & Engineering for Teens

Geared towards high school students, this class is taught by Hornet Racing. These CSU Sacramento students are a Formula SAE team which race in an international competition! They develop their engineering skills through management of a competitive racing team, and they want to share their knowledge with you! Learn what it is like to be an engineer and the inside workings of what it takes to build a race car from scratch. Students can see one of Sac State’s race cars and will build a motorized toy car in a group in the class.

$40 Non-Member / $25 Member

Automotive Design & Clay Modeling

Whether you are a design fan or novice, this class is sure to impress. Adults will learn from our resident expert on automotive design about the tools designers and companies used, as well as important styling trends used throughout the history of the car. Then the student can try to design their own car in clay. Will your car be classic, modern, or unlike anything else seen before? And that clay masterpiece you will make? You get to take it home with you!

$30 Non-Member / $25 Member

Clay Modeling for Mini Car Designers

For small hands only! The kids will be able to see and experience how cars have different shapes and designs over the years, and then they can build their own car out of clay – similar to how car designers still do it today! The final product can be taken home as a keepsake from the class. We recommend that the kids wear clothing that can get dirty. This class is aimed for children aged 3 to 6 years old. Adult guardians are required to attend without charge.

$20 Non-Member / $15 Member

2200 Front Street Sacramento, CA 95818

Hours: 10am to 5pm | Last Admission at 4pm | Closed On Tuesdays

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