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Learn to Drive it, Tune it Up & Even Design it!

All at the California Automobile Museum.

Your favorite class may not have a scheduled day yet!

Request to be notified  as soon as the date is set,

or be putting on a waiting list for a future class.

Model A Basics & Driving​

This class is designed to give students a basic understanding of the Model A and the opportunity to drive it!

$95 Non-Member / $85 Member

Model T Basics & Driving​

This class is designed to give students an understanding of Model T constructions, nomenclature, operation and basic maintenance and history.  Each student will then have the opportunity to drive a Model T!

$95 Non-Member / $85 Member

Youth Basic Engine​

This is a hands-on, 3 hour class aimed at students between 10-14.  Students learn how an engine works by taking apart a single cylinder engine to see how the solids, liquids and gases interact to make it run.  Students also get to fire up an engine to see how it gets its job done.

$30 Non-Member / $25 Member

Our world-famous Docent Class!

Docents are the Heart and Soul of the Community. Our docents are the educators for the Museum and the personal outreach to our visitors.

Registration for the 2024 Class is now open!

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