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Big Day of Giving

Big Day of Giving is an annual 24-hour community-wide movement that unites the region's nonprofit sector to help raise unrestricted funds for the organizations that strengthen the capital area. Since 2013, the giving day has generated $91 million for more than 760 local nonprofits!

The California Automobile Museum is proud to be a participant in Big Day of Giving. We raised nearly $25,000 last year, so we're hopeful that we can have a successful year again in 2024! Please consider donating to the Museum by clicking the button below. Thank you!

Helpful hints and tips:

  • Minimum donation is $10

  • If you give with your Golden 1 Credit Union debit or credit card, your donations will be proportionately matched up to $100,000!

  • You can make an offline donation by sending or bringing in a check to the Museum, which will be credited to our total.

  • You can make your own fundraising page to raise funds for the Museum for Big Day of Giving - watch the tutorial

  • When you make a donation, you'll be acknowledged with a tax letter from Sacramento Community Foundation, not the Museum, but your donation will count toward your giving level at CAM.

  • BDOG will award up to $100,000 in prizes to participating organizations during Big Day of Giving on May 2, thanks to our lead sponsor Western Health Advantage. Prizes are random, based on the number of donations and the amount raised, so the more donations we get, the better chance we have to win!

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