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Request a Car

Please note, cars will be driven by authorized museum personnel only. Car rentals are used for chauffeur services or photography opportunities. Rental of a museum car will not allow you to drive one of these vehicles yourself. Thank you! 

Cars for Hire

Is this for a public event?  Click here
Please note: only public events (car shows, parades, etc.) may request a car at a lower donation level.

Don't see the car you like?

That's okay, we have plenty more cars in the Museum! Do keep in mind that not all of our cars are in perfect driving condition and as such may need to be towed and used for display purposes only.

Let us know what kind of car you're looking for (color, style, era, etc.) and all the relevant info about your event (location, duration, do you want the car for a photo op or chauffeur, etc.) and we'll get back to you!

Our outreach program is largely volunteer-managed. Rentals may not begin before 8am and must end by 10pm. The prices vary depending on distance, time, and the car(s) chosen. Additional time may be requested for an additional price. Bookings should be made with at least 2 weeks advance notice.

Some of these cars may travel on the freeway, but only when safe to do so at low speeds (under 60mph). They may not be used if there is a forecast for rain, heavy fog, or other dangerous or damaging conditions. Some may not drive further than a 25 mile radius from the California Automobile Museum (2200 Front Street, Sacramento), and if driving is to take place at night, some may not go further than an 8 miles radius from the museum. Driving in rush-hour or in a parade, especially in warm weather, may not be allowed due to the potential for overheating of the engine.

Please remember that these cars are vintage and are maintained by a dedicated group of volunteers. The museum may need to cancel on providing your car(s) at any time for any reason, including but not limited to weather forecasts, mechanical difficulties, or other unforeseen circumstances. If there are mechanical difficulties, we will do our best to replace it with another outreach car from the museum or refund your payment/donation.

These cars are part of the collection of the museum and we are dedicated to balancing their preservation needs while also being experienced and enjoyed by our community. To help preserve these vehicles, a volunteer or staff member from the museum will remain with the car(s) for the entirety of the time for the rental. No actions may take place that may put the car(s) at any additional risk. This may include, but is not limited to: sitting on the hood, fenders, or other body panels; when wearing clothing with beading, metal parts, or other features that could damage the paint, leaning on the car is prohibited; clothing with intensive beading, studs, etc. may not be worn on the upholstery without a barrier to protect the fabric; shoes are not allowed to be in contact with any part of the car(s) except the running boards or floor and stiletto heels must be worn with caution.

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