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Capitol Carrera Rally

may 30 - 31

The Capitol Carrera is an overnight touring rally organized by classic car enthusiasts and supporters of the California Automobile Museum. As in years past, the route will be a closely guarded secret! This year, the Carrera will be held Saturday, May 30 to Sunday, May 31.

There are no timed sections, in other words, this is NOT a race. You are guaranteed to drive some great roads and potentially visit places you have never been before along the route over two days. Speed is not the point of this rally. Enjoy the journey!

  • Classic cars (Pre-’78) are encouraged, but all entries will be considered. Additionally, all entries will be reviewed and approved by the Capitol Carrera committee (don’t worry – they like all kinds of cars!).

    • Previous Carrera participants are generally exempt from the qualification process.

  • You will be given route details at check-in. This is NOT a highway tour. The route will include only paved sections, including windy mountain back roads. Be prepared for sun, rain, or wind!

  • Cost includes overnight accommodations and dinner 

  • Registration is limited to 30 cars.

  • All proceeds benefit the California Automobile Museum.

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