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Here's What You Missed at the 10th Anniversary of CruiseFest

The 10th Anniversary of CruiseFest was as massive of a success as we could have hoped for! Over 300 cars showed up to cruise down Fulton Ave. and the street was filled with smiles from El Camino all the way to Marconi.

Seeing every kind of car enthusiast, from the lowriders to the antiques to the tire squealing hot rods, get along and share their love for cars was beyond amazing and reminded us why we host this event; to unite the automotive community of Sacramento.

Image courtesy of @Aloha.Z.Photography

One of this year’s biggest highlights was without a doubt Bob Goldsand’s Batmobile! For those of you wondering, yes, this is a real Batmobile replica. It is number seven of just 14 replicas that were officially authorized by DC Comics. We’d also like to thank Savemart for bringing out their V8-powered shopping cart again and putting any kind of monster truck to shame. There’s nothing quite like seeing a giant shopping cart being driven down the street am I right?

Then of course, we have our wonderful sponsors without whom this whole thing would not be possible. In no particular order, thank you to NAPA, Quick Quack Car Wash, Friends of Front Street Shelter, Hagerty, BMR, and Renew Packaging. An especially hoppy thank you goes out to Trumer Pils, Track Seven Brewing Company, and Red Bus Brewing Company for bringing out their amazing brews and keeping the crowd nice and hydrated.

We can’t wait to welcome all of you back next year and seeing all your wonderful customs bless the pavement with their presence once more!

Check out our full gallery of stunning CruiseFest cars below!

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