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The California Automobile Museum is celebrating the little guys by throwing a big bash for the launch of its first special exhibit of 2019! This “huge” exhibit will be all about Microcars, and we don’t mean tiny play cars; we are talking about little street-legal rides that could be a decoration in your living room!  We will be packing the Museum floor with Microcars, microbeers, and little bites on March 29 from 6:00 -9:00pm


These cute yet very practical little cars were all about function and economy, and while the cars have trended bigger and bigger over the years, many car communities across California still love these little guys. Because Sacramento also has a great beer-loving culture, we have invited local microbreweries from around the region to help us open the new exhibit with a splash! 


Come savor the little things in life and help us kick off one of the biggest exhibits Sacramento has ever seen. If you love microcars, microbeers, or both, this party for you. Tickets start at just $35 and will score you beer tastings and food samplings all night long. Join us from 6:00-9:00pm at the California Automobile Museum!


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This is beer-themed is 21 & over only. You can enjoy the Microcars anytime by visiting the museum between now and August 5! 


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