Event Rental Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What areas are available for rent?
A: The Main Event Hall, Conference Center, and Community Center. Please note that our exhibits change and may not look the same as when you first visited the museum. We cannot alter an exhibit to accommodate your event.

Q: Do I need to make an appointment for a tour of the venue?
A: Yes, an appointment is required. Please contact Mark, the Museum Director to schedule a site tour:    msteigerwald@calautomuseum.org.

Q: Can I place a date on hold?
A: You may place a complimentary hold for two weeks (14 calendar days). In order to secure a date, a contract must be signed with a non-refundable deposit due by the end of the hold or the date will be released. If the event is not confirmed in the time allotted, the Museum reserves the right to cancel the hold without notice.

Q: Who provides food and beverage services?
A: We do not provide food and beverage services nor linens. You may bring in any caterer as long as it is approved by the Museum. If desired, we can provide you with a list of our preferred vendors.

Q: When can I start my event?
A: The Museum is open daily to the public from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, with the exception of Tuesday. The Main Event Hall and Conference Center are not open to the public. Events may begin as early as 10:00 am unless special arrangements have been made.

Q: What is the duration of the event space rental?
A: All of our event spaces are contracted for up to six (6) hours of event time, with one (1) hour allotted for clean up. Early set-up can be arranged.

Q: When can I or my vendors begin to set up/load in for my event?
A: Set-up/load-in times must be arranged with the Events Manager. Please note the Museum remains open to the public during its scheduled hours. Any deliveries must be arranged ahead of time and are subject to the Museum's schedule. 

Q: When do I or my vendors have to load out?
A: Load-out must be completed the day of the event an hour after the event ends. Any exceptions must be arranged/approved by the Museum’s Events Manager. Written confirmation of these arrangements is required.

Q: What time does my event have to end?

A: All events must end by 11:00 pm and be cleaned up by 12:00am.

Q: What is your cleaning policy?
A: Removal of decorations and garbage is the responsibility of the renter. The room needs to be returned to the same condition that it was prior to the event, including the kitchen area. A cleaning fee is included in all rentals.  The Museum will confirm and be aligned with all current City, County, and State Health Department guidelines.  Additional requirements and fees may be a result of regulations in force at the time of your event.  Our event planning team will work with you to make this clear as your event date nears.

Q: Is parking available?

A: The Museum has its own parking lot for up to 140 cars. Please note it is not paved nor secured. Parking is free and first come-first served.

Q: Can we serve alcohol?
A: Yes. If you are selling alcohol you will need an ABC permit. You will have to get approval from the City of Sacramento and also from the California Department of ABC. The Museum will need a copy of the approved permit. No alcohol may be consumed outside of the Museum.

Q: Does the California Automobile Museum require liability insurance?

A: Yes. For all events, a standard $2,000,000 certificate of liability insurance listing California Automotive Museum as additionally insured is required.

Q: Will I need security?
A: Security is required for most events for the safety of your guests and the parking lot. One officer is required for every 200 guests. A fee is added to your contract.

Q: How do I submit an inquiry to rent the facility?

A: Click HERE or send an email to msteigerwald@calautomuseum.org with details about your event. Once we receive your inquiry, our Museum Director will contact you to schedule an appointment to meet in person.


We hope this helps! For all further inquires please contact the Museum Director at msteigerwald@calautomuseum.org