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At 7:30, we will re-open the Museum and will have tailgating in the parking lot while we wait for it to get dark enough to show the movie. The movie will start around 8:30 (Depending on Sundown).


Tickets and Seating:

A limited number (10) of priority “watch from your car” parking spots are available for $30 each. We encourage you to squeeze as many people as you (safely and legally) can into one car to get the best value!


After the “watch from your car” tickets are sold out, $20 will admit a carload of movie-goers, but seating will be on a “bring your own lawn chair” basis out front of the priority parking spots.


Individual seating will be $5 per guest over 5 years of age.

July- Homeward Bound

August- Bullitt

September- Wayne's World 

October- Ghostbusters (1984) 

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