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Another year, another CruiseFest!

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The Sacramento Area’s Premier Car Cruise 

October 7
3:00  PM   -   7:00   p.m.

Rain or shine

On-site registration today
From 2 p.m. - 4 p.m.

Just how awesome is this event? We block off Fulton Avenue between El Camino and Marconi and you get to Cruise It!  Hundreds of cars of all makes and models and thousands of spectators are only the beginning. Food trucks, music, and our beer garden round out the program that makes CruiseFest on Fulton Ave one of the biggest family car events in Sacramento.

Once again, all of the fun (music, food trucks, beer garden, and wine) brought to one central stage! While checking out all the cool cars cruising lined up on Fulton Avenue, stop by the festival area to listen to the music, grab a bite to eat from the food trucks, and have us pour you some local beer. Please note, there will be no judging this year.


Registration: FREE for Spectators, $29 for Museum Members, $45 for non-members,  and $60 on the day of the show (if not sold out, cash preferred). One ticket required per car.

Not a Museum member?  Become a member AND get a CruiseFest registration - both for just $75*!

Previous shows sold out and we had to turn cars away at the cruise so make sure you pre-register to ensure your spot in this year's show.

Proceeds of the event benefit the California Automobile Museum - a 501c3 charitable organization.

*Driver level

Want to be a vendor or sponsor?

Thank you to Our Sponsors!


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Points of Interest

Cruiser FAQ

Does my car qualify?


Yes! We don’t like anyone to feel left out. CruiseFest is not a snobby or exclusive car show. If it’s special to you, we want to see it cruising on Fulton. There are no restrictions on years, makes, or models.


That having been said, however, we reserve the right to refuse entry to any car if we deem it to be inappropriate, unsafe, et cetera, or if the person driving it is creating an unsafe or disruptive environment for everyone else. Doesn’t happen very often, but we’re always prepared to do it.


Does my car have to be street legal?


Believe it or not, no. The cruise circuit is a closed loop, so we’d love to see your pickup with kids packed in the bed!


That being said, you are responsible for getting your car to and from the event in a safe, legal way, and you are required to sign a waiver, releasing the Museum of liability for damage to yourself, your car, or anything else.


Can I check in for the cruise before October 6?


Absolutely! We highly encourage all pre-registered participants to pick up their cruiser windshield decal (and t-shirt, if you ordered one) at the California Automobile Museum starting on the morning of Wednesday, October 3. Decal pick-up is available Wednesday-Friday of that week, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, and Saturday morning until 11 am.


By checking in early, your entry into the cruise on the afternoon of the 7th will be even easier, as our check-in crew will be able to spot your windshield decal and direct you onto Fulton from eastbound Marconi.  

The windshield decal must be attached to the driver's side of your windshield to be inside the Cruisefest perimeter. CHP and Cruisefest organizers will be escorting all vehicles without an attached windshield decal to the nearest exit. No exceptions.


Oops. I forgot to come to the Museum to check-in. What do I do now?


You can check-in onsite on October 7th in the parking lot at 2500 Marconi between 2pm and 4:45pm.  Enter on El Sutton Ln and immediately head left. Our Cruisefest crew will direct you to a check-in line so you can stay in your car and have your windshield decal attached.


I want to park with my friends or car club. How do I do that?

We love our car club supporters and highly encourage their participation. Groups with 10 or more cars pre-registered must notify the museum before 5 p.m. on September 22nd to be considered for the reserved group parking lot. The lot has limited spaces and is "first come first serve". You will be notified in advance if your group is selected to park in the reserved group lot.


Parking lots not available: 2700 (headquarters-DHA), 2740 (Fulton Ave Assoc.), 2820 (Ganas), and 2711 (former Buggy Whip).

Can I start cruising early?


No. The CHP, in partnership with our volunteers, will close down the cruise route just before 3:00, so we can’t let anyone into the cruise earlier than 3:00pm.


Where do I enter the cruise?


If you have picked up your windshield decal already, you can enter at the corner of Marconi and Fulton by the Honey Baked Ham Company (eastbound Marconi only). Please note, this is the only Cruisefest entry point. Your windshield decal must be attached to the driver's side of your windshield for our check-in crew to wave you onto Fulton.

If you have not picked up your Cruisefest decal already, or you are registering on-site, you must go to 2500 Marconi. Be prepared to give your name to our pre-registered check-in crew and have the windshield decal attached to the driver's side of your windshield to start cruising.


Please be aware, all cars cruising Fulton Ave. during Cruisefest must attach their window decal on the drivers side of their windshield! We will have California Highway Patrol officers ready to escort any crashers to the nearest exit. All vehicles inside the Cruisefest perimeter must have a decal attached including cars, trucks, motorcycles, golf carts, race cars, etc. 


What’s the cruise route?


A half-mile stretch of Fulton Avenue, bordered by Marconi Avenue on the north end and El Camino Avenue on the south end.


How long do I get to cruise?


Between the hours of 3:00 and 5:00pm, you are free to cruise, or park, as much as you’d like. Pull over, check out your fellow cruisers, grab a bite to eat at a local food truck, and then do another lap or two!


At 5:00pm, all cars will be instructed to park, and the street festival part of the evening will begin.

Will my car be judged?

We are only choosing a Best of Show this year, regardless of make or model.


Can I cruise without registering?


No. Our cruise route on Fulton Avenue is a closed circuit during CruiseFest hours, and all cars on the route MUST register and pay the fee, as well as displaying their official cruiser window cling. Anyone not displaying a dash sticker (crashers) will be escorted off Fulton Avenue. Pay your CruiseFest dues and join the fun! You’re supporting a great cause.


Can I leave early?


You can enter and leave as much as you want between 3 p.m. and 4:45 p.m. but once the cruising ends at 5 p.m., the street is closed to moving vehicles so you will not be able to exit until 7 p.m. We are expecting around 10,000 people at Cruisefest, and after 5:00pm, the street opens to pedestrians for the festival part of the evening. Please plan your evening to leave before 5 p.m. or stay put until 7 p.m., when the event ends.

Is there an official CruiseFest Radio this year?

Yes! Bob Browning, the Cruise's official DJ, will be livecasting on 93.9 FM.

Spectator FAQ

When and where does CruiseFest take place?


CruiseFest happens on Saturday, October 7, 2023 on Fulton Avenue, on a half-mile loop between El Camino and Marconi. The event begins at 3:00 pm and ends at 7:00 pm.


Cars will have the option of cruising and parking as much as they’d like from 3:00 to 5:00, then all cars will park at 5:00 and the street will open to pedestrians from 5:00 to 7:00, when the event ends.


Is this a free event to attend?


This is a free, all ages public event! Please note, Fulton Avenue is a closed venue during CruiseFest hours. The street will be closed to all vehicles turning onto Fulton unless they are participating in CruiseFest.


Where is CruiseFest Headquarters?


We will be located in the parking lot of the Department of Human Assistance Building at 2700 Fulton Avenue, just north of Elvyra Way


There, you will find our California Automobile Museum info booth, find out more about our upcoming exhibits and events and ask any questions you may have about CruiseFest!


Where will the food trucks, beer/wine, and music be located?


All of the above will be conveniently located in the parking lot of the Department of Human Assistance Building at 2700 Fulton Avenue (“headquarters”), just north of Elvyra Way


What will there be for my kids to do?


Plenty! We will have a Kid’s Zone also located in the headquarters parking lot at 2700 Fulton Avenue.


We will also have several specialty vehicles that your kids are sure to love. We can't tell you everything yet, but we know the Mystery Machine will likely attend!


Where will the vendors be located?


The sponsor and vendor booths will be located just down from headquarters at 2820 Fulton Avenue.

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