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Did you know that Sacramento has a rich history and culture of custom cars and hot rods? Whether or not you did, the California Automobile Museum’s new summer exhibit is the best way to explore these stories.


Crafting A Rebellion: Sacramento’s Customs & Hot Rods just opened to include a dozen cars showcasing the craftsmanship and people of the region. We are especially featuring the type of work that was done here in Sacramento and the influence of Harry Westergard, Sam Barris, and Dick Bertolucci. The focus is also on the era of the late 1930s to the early 1960s including early the relationship between hot rods, racing, and customs.


There is something for everyone to enjoy  We believe that every visitor will thoroughly enjoy this exhibit and hope that everyone will appreciate the craftsmanship that went into these works of this exhibit. Even small children will be able to complete a scavenger hunt to find and learn about some of the parts on these cars. More events for adults and families alike will be taking place over the summer.


So, have fun Crafting a Rebellion!

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