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At the California Automobile Museum, we aim to provide an effective and comprehensive educational experience. In order to take full advantage of our programs, we recommend using the following teacher resources before and after your visit to reinforce educational concepts.

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Beep, Honk, Vroom!
Recommended for Kindergarten – 2nd Grade
What is an automobile? What are the differences between cars, busses, trucks, and vans? How do cars of the past compare to the cars we have today? What can we do to be safe in an automobile? Students will take an interactive tour of the Museum and compare and contrast the vehicles of today with cars of the past.

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On the Move!
Recommended for 3rd – 4th grade
What is transportation? Why is transportation important? When and why were horses, wagons, and trains replaced by an automobile? Students will play an interactive game that takes them through the timeline of the world’s most innovative modes of transportation. What will the future of transportation look like?

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Sacramento, California
Recommended for 4th grade
Has the automobile changed Sacramento, California? How have cities, suburbs, and the countryside been affected by cars? Students will compare and contrast Sacramento pre and post 1950 to discover how the increase in usage of cars has changed Sacramento. Drawing upon their own experiences, students will relate how their lives are affected by the use of cars. This program pulls in geography, critical thinking, and their imaginations.

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Motor Works
Recommended for 5th – 8th grade
This is a hands-on program where students experience what it was like to work on one of Henry Ford’s famous assembly lines. Students take a guided Museum tour and learn the history of Henry Ford, the assembly line, and early Ford vehicles. After the tour, students form and assembly line and together build a series of three-dimensional Model T paper cars. Each student will take home a Model T paper car as their own memento from the Museum.

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