2017 was a BIG year here at the California Automobile Museum.  We secured the funding needed to replace our aging, leaky roof, and also realized a 30-year goal of owning our building.


But just like most new homeowners, once the excitement wore off, we realized there’s so much more work to be done! Why not keep the ball rolling?

So we set out to create our very own “honey-do” list. They include projects that are both big and small, but all of them are essential to our long-range sustainability.

  • Install a comprehensive air circulation system to help keep our large, warehouse-style building more comfortable during Sacramento’s hot summer months (a much-needed improvement for full enjoyment of our Museum.)

  • Paint the exterior of the Museum to give us a serious curb appeal boost and properly show off our signature mural

  • Systematically improve all our electrical systems to make sure our collections and exhibits can be reliably powered and displayed under proper lighting.

  • Remodel our Alhambra events rental space for ADA compliance and make this space more versatile to accommodate a wider variety of events

  • Grade, surface, and secure our parking lot to make sure our visitors have safe and ample parking when they come to visit us

  • Install exterior lighting for security and safety.


On Sacramento’s Big Day of Giving in May 2018, we launched our “Project Facelift” campaign; we were already making lots of trips to the home improvement store! 

Our supporters came through for a total of $37,500; halfway to our goal of $75,000. It’s safe to say we were blown away by their generosity. We have already put that money to good use; our event space remodel and electrical improvements are underway, and the new paint job is on the calendar.

Will you help us reach our $75,000 goal?

Every donation helps; no amount is too small! With the help of Museum lovers and car lovers like you, we can make this Museum live up to its full potential as a premier destination for car lovers from all over the world.

Project FaceLift

A new roof was just the beginning! Help us continue to improve our Museum. We rely on the generous donations and patronage of our community to make this California Automobile Museum what is and what it will be.