Charitable Giving Options

Preserving the Past . . . Exploring the Present . . .

Planning for the Future.

The California Automobile Museum and the California Vehicle Foundation are dedicated to preserving the history of the automobile and sharing that history with the community.  These goals would not be possible without the generous support of you, our members.​​

There are many different ways in which you can show your support of the California Automobile Museum:

  • Outright Gifts

  • Bequest by Will

  • Gift of Life Insurance

  • Charitable Remainder Trusts

  • Gift of Retirement Plan Assets

Because we appreciate your willingness to give to the California Auto Museum, we want to make your gifting experience as convenient and pleasant as possible. Included in this packet is information on the different gifting options — everything you need to know to select and implement the one that is right for you.

Making a charitable gift to the Museum not only helps us continue our mission to preserve and share the history of the automobile, it also may provide you with significant tax savings. At the same time, a charitable gift to the Museum will allow future generations of auto enthusiasts to experience the same automotive wonders and delights that have enchanted you throughout the years.

Download our guide on your charitable giving options: