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School Tour Group The California Automobile Museum is proud to offer school programs aligned with the Common Core Standards and California State Content Standards. The museum is open for school tours year round, so there is never a bad time to motor on down for a fun and educational field trip that will explore the automobile history.




School Tour Options

Beep, Honk, Vroom! – One hour

Recommended for Kindergarten – 2nd Grade
What is an automobile? What are the differences between cars, busses, trucks, and vans? How do cars of the past compare to the cars we have today? What can we do to be safe in an automobile? Students will take an interactive tour of the Museum and compare and contrast the vehicles of today with cars of the past.

On the Move! – One Hour

Recommended for 3rd – 4th grade
What is transportation? Why is transportation important? When and why were horses, wagons, and trains replaced by an automobile? Students will play an interactive game that takes them through the timeline of the world’s most innovative modes of transportation. What will the future of transportation look like?

Sacramento, California – One Hour

Recommended for 4th grade
Has the automobile changed Sacramento, California? How have cities, suburbs, and the countryside been affected by cars? Students will compare and contrast Sacramento pre and post 1950 to discover how the increase in usage of cars has changed Sacramento. Drawing upon their own experiences, students will relate how their lives are affected by the use of cars. This program pulls in geography, critical thinking, and their imaginations.

Off to the Races! Pinewood Derby Cars – One Hour

Recommended for 1st – 5th grade
This program is specially designed for school groups, after school programs, and independent youth groups who are looking for a place to race their Pinewood Derby cars. Bring your own designed cars into the museum to take a guided tour and race your cars on our very own Pinewood Derby track. For more information about purchasing the Pinewood Derby kits, please contact the Education Program Coordinator.

Motor Works – Hour and a HalfMotorworks Group

Recommended for 5th – 8th grade
This is a hands-on program where students experience what it was like to work on one of Henry Ford’s famous assembly lines. Students take a guided Museum tour and learn the history of Henry Ford, the assembly line, and early Ford vehicles. After the tour, students form and assembly line and together build a series of three-dimensional Model T paper cars. Each student will take home a Model T paper car as their own memento from the Museum.

Guided Museum Tour – One Hour

Recommended for students of all ages and group tours
Experience the Museum through the eyes of an automobile aficionado with a guided museum tour. Docents will introduce visitors to the unique collection and give insight about specific cars. Tours can be tailored to different themes or vehicles of interest.

Scavenger Hunt – One Hour

Recommended for students of all ages and group tours
Students and adults will explore the Museum and complete a scavenger hunt. Different Scavenger Hunts are available for students of all ages and reading levels as well as for larger group or adult tours.

White Glove Tours

Touch Tour 018 This Docent-led tour is a hands-on, one to one tour that allows guests of any age with visual impairments or learning disabilities to share the joy of experiencing a beautiful automobile using tactile exploration of a variety of historic vehicles within the Museum.  The history, shape and material of the cars are explained in great detail.  To book this tour, group leaders will need to contact the Museum directly at Group sizes are required to be small.

The White Glove Tour is sponsored by the Country Club Lions Club, a chapter of the International Lions Club.


Vic’s Parlor is a great place to relax and experience the retro feel of a 50’s themed ice cream shop.

Lunch Seating Options:

If you would like to eat your lunch at the museum, a lunch area can be reserved upon request for school tours. We can accommodate seating for up to 30 in Vic’s Parlor [pictured] and up to 50 in our climate-controlled Education Center. We also have secure areas to store backpacks and lunches upon request.

Booking & Rates

School Tour Admission Rates (for 10+ students/adults):

  • Students  – $4
  • Motorworks Fee | Required for Motorworks tour – $1 / Student
  • Teacher(s) / Home School Organizer(s) – Free
  • Bus Driver(s) – Free
  • Free Adult Chaperone(s) | 1 adult chaperone per 10 students – Free
  • Additional Adult Chaperone(s) – $5
  • Parking | Buses and Cars – Free

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Click the button below to reserve your tour! Tours must be booked two weeks in advance of requested date. A completed reservation form and 50% deposit is required to save the date of the tour. Please contact Josh at or 916-442-6802 for more information about booking.

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