Conference Room

edcenterA completely private, climate controlled room perfect for educational classes, sales meetings, private receptions, off-site brainstorming sessions, seminars, employment exams, testing, or anything that requires a private meeting room. Our conference room seats 60 people with tables & 75 Cocktail Style, and comes equipped with LCD projector, drop-down screen, wireless internet access,  tables, chairs, sound system, and much more.

Prices start at $550 on weekdays and $650 on weekends.  Double doors open into the Alhambra Area, so it can also be added to the Alhambra rental for an additional charge to increase capacity. Facility Rental FAQ

*Please note — We will not be booking any rentals for June, July or August 2017 due to our scheduled roof repair project.

Click Here to fill out and submit our reservation request form, or print and fax it or mail it to:

California Automobile Museum
2200 Front Street,
Sacramento, California 95818


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