Upcoming Exhibits

Upcoming or rotating exhibits at the California Automobile Museum are one of a kind. Our curator hand picks the cars that are on display which you can see inside the Museum for only a limited time. These are unique exhibits to Sacramento and the only one of their kind in the world. We completely rely on our own resources to coordinate the vehicles on display.


Live Free: California Motorcycle Culture--live-free-motorcycle-exhibit-6-x-4_hi-res-no-crops-(1)-1

September 24, 2016 through February 19, 2017

Powerful, fast, dynamic, stylish, and with only two wheels. Motorcycles are admired and used from many different walks of life, and from Harley-Davidson to Ducati to Honda, there is a motorcycle for everyone to love. In California, motorcycles were particularly popular and with their own special sub-culture within the state.



dead_reckoning_390_0Out of the Shadows: Cars of the Notorious Age of Film Noir

March 4, 2017 through May 29, 2017

In the time of femme fatales, trench coats, and anti-heroes in black and white, striking cars from the late 1930s to the early 1950s made their way into many of Hollywood’s Film Noir movies. From smoking a cigarette under a lightpost to being held at gunpoint from the backseat, the automobiles of these movies are an essential part of the mood that Hollywood filmmakers were creating. This shadowy exhibit showcases the handsome cars from Hollywood’s notorious Film Noir era.


Museum members will enjoy free admission throughout the duration of these exhibits along with special discounts applied in the Giftshop and tickets to Museum-sponsored events. To learn more about these exhibits and membership options, please call (916) 442-6802 or email our Membership Coorindator.