Permanent Collection


Visiting the California Automobile museum is a unique and interesting experience – and that is in large part due to the expansive collection of over 150 vehicles on display. Walking through the exhibits will take visitors past cars from 1885 and all the way through to 2011. It is walk through the history of cars and California culture!

Our collection is known for being representative of what was actually on the roads over the years. This means that we may even have the car you, your parent, or your grandparent used to drive! From affordable kit cars and Model Ts to luxurious Packards and Lamborghinis, our collection represents all spectrums of cars driven in California over the last 120 years.

Come and experience automotive evolution like never before with tours offered daily and a chance to see an array of cars up close and personal. Our collection is unlike any other in the world.

For a list of all vehicles currently on display from our permanent collection, please visit this page.

Permanent Exhibits:

Make A Move
Innovations that Created the Automobile

Cars of the Stars
Famous Owners and Famous Vehicles

Going Green
Alternative Fuels and Energy Efficiency

Car Club Cavalcade
Local car clubs on display every month!

All of our vehicles on display are properly taken care of by California Automobile Museum’s vehicle care experts using products from Surf City Garage.