Current Exhibits

Special Exhibit – Live Free: California’s Motorcycle Culture

From big hogs to compact scooters, come celebrate the culture of all the two-wheeled legends of the California road!  Running now to February 19, 2017.

Permanent Exhibits

California Automobile Museum - Third Thursday Night

There is an expansive collection of over 150 vehicles on display. Walking through the exhibits will take visitors past cars from 1885 and all the way through to 2011. It is walk through the history of cars and California culture! Our permanent exhibits include some specialized displays as well that you won’t want to miss!

Vehicles on Display

Wondering what cars we have on display? The answer is a lot from over a hundred years! If you need more information than that, check out this list of the vehicles currently on display in the Museum.


All of our vehicles on display are properly taken care of by California Automobile Museum’s vehicle care experts using products from Surf City Garage.