Consignment Program

The Internet is a wonderful medium for selling just about anything, particularly antique, classic and collector cars and trucks because it exposes them to the world. There is someone out there who wants your vehicle. Let the CALIFORNIA AUTOMOBILE MUSEUM find that person for a low initial fee of only $300.00 plus a commission of 10% ($1,000.00 Minimum) of the selling price if it sells. Please read these terms and conditions and submit the Consignment Application for our review. There is no commitment until we discuss the car with you and accept it for sale.

Consignment Terms & Conditions

  • The vehicle must be available at the Museum for inspection while being marketed.
  • We can have a flatbed truck pick it up and bring it to the Museum at your expense.
  • The title must be provided with the car, signed but not dated on the front.
  • You will be asked to sign a blank DMV Bill of Sale to expedite the sale when sold.
  • The Registration must be current or in Non-Operating Status with DMV.
  • The vehicle should be delivered in good and safe operating condition, clean inside and out, and ready to be photographed. We take lots of pictures.
  • Antiques and classics need not run or be currently registered but should be reasonably complete and in presentable condition.
  • Cars 1976 and newer must have passed a smog check within the last 30 days.
  • The Museum reserves the right to reject any vehicle it deems not ready for sale.
  • The contract is for 60 days beginning the day of the first eBay ad.
  • The vehicle cannot be offered for sale or sold privately while on consignment with the Museum.
  • The Museum cannot and will not be held responsible for any and or all mechanical failures or issues that may arise or are deemed caused by the lack of use or operation while in the Museum’s care. Such issues can be but are not limited to dead batteries, tire rot or flat spots, any and all seals, fuel varnishing, fuel lines or tank, carburetor issues, transmission clutches and bands, windshield wiper blades, seized brakes, lubricated parts drying out, fluid degradation, etc. While we make every effort to start the cars weekly, this is not always possible. Additionally, test drives rarely occur during the sales process. It is possible the vehicle will not be operated the entire time it is in the Museum’s care.

The vehicle will be listed on the Internet and will not be sold for less than an agreed-upon minimum price (reserve) based on Price Guide values and comparable vehicles currently for sale.  If the vehicle does not sell within the 90 days, the contract must be renewed or the vehicle must be promptly removed from the Museum. The contract renewal offer is a one-time offer and will require another $300.00 and a lower reserve. Failure to do so will result in a storage charge of $10.00 per day from the date the contract expires. Any unpaid expenses related directly to the vehicle must be paid before it will be released.

The Museum does not guarantee a sale; that depends on the reserve or minimum price.

The Museum agrees to hold the vehicle in trust and not permit its use for any purpose, other than demonstration for sale. While on consignment, the consignor agrees to maintain in force such insurance coverage as he or she deems appropriate for the protection of the vehicle.

The California Automobile Museum does not insure consigned vehicles.

After an acceptable selling price has been agreed to with a buyer, they will be asked to sign a Bill of Sale and a Warranty Disclaimer and return copies to the Museum with full payment. Upon receipt of the documents, and the payment has cleared the bank, the “Net Proceeds” will be paid to the consignor within twenty (20) days. “Net Proceeds” shall mean the selling price less the cost of any expenses incurred by the Museum related directly to the vehicle, and less the agreed sales commission.

In the event the ownership documents are not acceptable to DMV and the buyer is unable to obtain a new title, the consignor agrees to reimburse the buyer for all costs and fees to get a new title or accept return of the vehicle at no cost to the buyer.

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