Adopt-A-Car Program

Do you love the Museum (and our collection) and want to take your support to the next level?  Consider our adopt-a-car program!

Participants in this program will receive:

  • Personalized certificate of adoption with photo of your vehicle
  • Dedicated sign at vehicle with their name
  • Linked name on website with adopted vehicle
  • Name in annual report with adopted vehicle

Donations for this program support sharing and preserving the history, art, and technology of the automobile for our local community and beyond

Click Here to see the List of Adoptable Cars

Adoption is for 12 months, and renewals will be made quarterly throughout the year. All parties who are currently adopting cars get first priority to adopt the same vehicle next year.

Questions about this program?  Contact curator Carly Starr at or 916-442-6802 extension 14

Want to see a list of all of the cars currently on display at the Museum? Then click here!