2017 CruiseFest Participant Information

Cruisefest Participant Frequently Asked Questions


Signing Up


How do I sign up for CruiseFest?

Pre-Registration for CruiseFest has ended. However, there are still spots for those registering at the gate. You can do so in the Flapjacks parking lot on El Camino (east of Fulton) or at Kuni Chevrolet (west of Fulton)


Does my car qualify?

Yes! We don’t like anyone to feel left out. CruiseFest is not a snobby or exclusive car show. If it’s special to you, we want to see it cruising on Fulton. There are no restrictions on years, makes, or models. That having been said, however, we reserve the right to refuse entry to any car if we deem it to be inappropriate, unsafe, et cetera, or if the person driving it is creating an unsafe or disruptive environment for everyone else. Doesn’t happen very often, but we’re always prepared to do it.


Does my car have to be street legal?

Believe it or not, no. The cruise circuit is a closed loop, so we’d love to see your pickup with kids packed in the bed! Just remember, you are responsible for getting your car to and from the event in a safe, legal way, and you are required to sign a waiver, releasing the Museum of liability for damange to yourself, your car, or anything else.


Am I required to pre-register?

Required? No. Highly encouraged? You bet. Why? Doing so will make check-in MUCH quicker and easier. In addition, we regularly communicate with all pre-registered participants to keep them informed of any last-minute changes or news. We will try our best to broadcast these things to the general public, but we can’t make any promises you’ll see it. After all, we don’t have your contact information!


What does it cost?

$50 to register at the gate.


What do I get?

All CruiseFest registrations come with a participant t-shirt, a goody bag featuring freebies from our sponsors, and eligibility for sponsors choice awards.


Can I check in before October 7?’

Only if you have pre-registered. We highly encourage all pre-registered participants to pick up their goody bag, t-shirt, and cruiser decal at the California Automobile Museum starting on the morning of Monday, October 2nd. Packet pickup is available Monday-Friday of that week, from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. By checking in early, your entry into the cruise on the afternoon of the 7th will be even easier, as our check-in crew will be able to spot your dash sticker and direct you to the express lane.


Oops. I forgot to come to the Museum to check-in. What do I do now?

 You can check-in on site on October 7th. Read about that in the “Being There” section.


Getting There


I want to park with my friends or car club. How do I do that?

We are unable to reserve parking lots for clubs who bring their 10 or more participants and register at-the-gate. Additional parking lots are available on Fulton on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Some clubs pre-arrange with businesses on Fulton to park in their lots, which is permissible, but reserving and enforcing those lots is also the club’s responsibility, not the Museum’s.

We recommend meeting up with your group or club in a nearby lot and caravanning over together. Some good spots include the Home Depot on Howe and Cottage, the Dollar Store on El Camino Ave and Howe Ave, or the Wal-Mart on El Camino and Watt (if you’re coming from the East.)


Can I start cruising early?

No, unfortunately. The CHP, in partnership with our volunteers, will close down the cruise route just before 3:00, so we can’t let anyone into the cruise earlier than 3:00.


Being There


Where do I enter the cruise?

On El Camino Avenue. Please note, this is the ONLY CruiseFest entry point! As you approach Burgundy Way (from the west) or Parkwood Drive (from the east), you will see our check-in crew on the street, ready to check you in. Be prepared to provide your name, our crew will check you off the list and give you your dash sticker & goody bag.

Please be aware, all cars cruising Fulton Avenue during CruiseFest MUST display their dash sticker! This is the only 100% guaranteed way to verify that you have paid your dues and registered to cruise with us. We will have California Highway Patrol officers ready to escort any crashers.


What if I’m registering and paying on-site?

Like pre-registered check-in, we will have on-site registration spots both east and west of Fulton Avenue. The eastern registration will be in The Midway Shopping Center, and the Western registration will be at Kuni Chevrolet. You will need to get out of your car to fill out a CruiseFest application, sign a waiver, and pay your $50.


What’s the cruise route?

 A one mile stretch of Fulton Avenue, bordered by Marconi Avenue on the north end and Cottage Way on the south end.The golden rule for cruising? The right lane is for parking, the left lane is for cruising!


How long do I get to cruise?

 Between the hours of 3:00 and 5:00, you are free to cruise, or park, as much as you’d like. Pull over, check out your fellow cruisers, grab a bite to eat at a local food truck, and then do another lap or two!

At 5:00, all cars will be instructed to park, and the street festival part of the evening will begin.


Can I cruise without registering?

 No. Our cruise route on Fulton Avenue is a closed circuit during CruiseFest hours, and all cars on the route MUST register and pay their dues, as well as displaying their dash stickers. Anyone not displaying a dash sticker (crashers) will be escorted off Fulton Avenue. Pay your CruiseFest dues and join the fun! You’re supporting a great cause.


What’s the Cruise route?

The route is a one-mile loop, bordered by Marconi Avenue to the north and Cottage Way to the south.

Where do I go to get my t-shirt?

Tognotti’s Auto World (on El Camino and Fulton) You will see a booth set up for the Museum in the corner of the parking lot (look for a collection of pop-ups and a couple of cars)


What are the award categories, and how do I qualify?

 This is one of the most fun, unique parts of CruiseFest. We do NOT have traditional award categories. Each of our CruiseFest sponsors is given the opportunity to present an award to their favorite car. This provides an award opportunity to those cars who wouldn’t usually get one.

As far as qualifying…there’s only one thing you need to do. Park on the street! Parking lots throughout Fulton Avenue will be open to CruiseFest participants, and you’re welcome to park there if that’s your preference. However, you will not be eiligible for a sponsor award.


Can I leave early?

No. Sorry. We are expecting upwards of 12,000 people at CruiseFest, and after 5:00, they will be all over Fulton Avenue for the street festival part of the evening. So a car trying to leave can create a very unsafe situation. Please plan your evening to stay put until 7:00 pm, when the event ends.


Any other questions? Contact Adam at the Museum at (916)442-6802 extension 13, or avargyas@calautomuseum.org