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2013 Annual Appeal

We are writing at an exciting time in the history of the California Automobile Museum; we are on the verge of finally realizing our long-held goals of launching a capital campaign to provide funding for the interior improvements, an endowment fund, and ultimately acquiring a new facility.

Until then, our mission continues:  to preserve, exhibit and teach the story of the automobile and its influence on our lives.  Teaching is a huge part of what we do, and people learn more if they are directly engaged.  To that end, we have chosen educational technology as our project for the 2013 Annual Fund Drive.

Currently, at the California Auto Museum you will find:

  • Knowledgeable and friendly docents/tour guides
  • Hands-on vehicles and auto-related information
  • A fabulous collection of cars spanning from the late 19th Century into the 21st Century

What you will not find:

  • New technology to benefit visitors

The biggest challenge that museums often have is staying relevant to new generations, and one way we can overcome that obstacle is by adding the technology that the younger patrons (and many older patrons as well) are familiar with as a learning tool.

Technologies such as mobile apps, touchscreens, and audio/visual components, are changing the face of museum education as we know it and have the capability of turning visitors into the curators of their own experience!  

There is a widespread agreement in the academic industry that devices such as tablets, apps for smartphones and interactive computers are important; they can engage people by stimulating multiple senses, including sight, sound, and touch.

One of our docents has recently developed the beginning of what will be an iPad tour that can be used by docents to enhance tours by adding audio files of what a particular car sounds like or a video of what our Model T Snowmobile looks like driving in snow.

Developing a mobile tour like this will be better for us than a standard audio tour used by other museums because we already have such a successful docent program to build on.

These technologies will not only be able to serve us for the next year or so in our current facility, but also during our interim year in a temporary facility and into the future in our new building.  With our ongoing growth and plans for continued success, we hope you are inspired to make an investment in the Museum’s future by giving to our 2013 Annual Fund for technology.

Thank you for your support!



Karen McClaflin, Executive Director
California Automobile Museum

If you would like to make a contribution to our 2013 Annual Fund, download a 2013 response card to print and mail, or click here to make a secure online donation.

All donors will be acknowledged in an upcoming Museum Newsletter and on the website.

Thank you to the following donors who contributed to our Annual Fund for 2012:

Don Craighead
Carl & Louise Gutermann
Milton & Jane Balian
Merlin Mauk
John Holm
Michael Ling
Julie & Larry Nelson
Mary Anne Schendzelos
Frank & Joanne Ramos
John & Virginia Edlund
Norman & Reba Schwilk
The Larken Company
Margaret Cook
Robert Florence
Michael & Paula Ewing
Hugh Harris
Dennis Flint
David & Patricia Eichner
Ralph Roper
John & Sharon Eskelson
Michael Walker
Richard & Bev Bertolucci
Michael McNally
Enrique Gutierrez
Michael Evans
Harrold & Vera Masters
Bruce & Gail Adair
Duwayne & Linda Brooks
Fred & Meride Hutchinson
Bill & Grace Greenwood
Patrick & Kaela Hopkins
Michael Henich
Burch & Sharon Gardner
Milton Webb
Greg Lurmann
Ronald & Susan Bischoff
Helen Hammer
James Demott
Julian & Diane Holt
Kathryn & Jerry Costanzo
James & Patricia Wells
James & Janice Gollaher
Howard Cutright
Russel Haynes
Mitch & Kathy Lindquist
Craig Whitehead
Greg Chow
Connell Construction Co.
Norman & Leslie Dodson
Northern CA Chapter of FAST
John Tennyson
Clifford Cortright
Wayne Davis
Doug Warrener
Ken & Carolyn Jordan
Mary Orr
Marshall D. Kraus
Barrett Bowers
George Sherman
Patricia Ann Roberts
Laura Akahori
Elizabeth Hogg
Karen Zamarippa
John Turner
Joe & Gayle Hensler
Richard Borgquist
Skip Lawrence
James & Patricia Wells
Bill & Macell Millard
John & Gail Wallace
J.C. Willenburg
Al Buescher
Dave Petersen
Bob & Connie Tarczy
Phillip & Daniel Connell
Tom Ortiz
Kenn Bucholz
Paul Tanner
Steven Winlock
C. Black
William Samuelson