Annual Fund

The California Automobile Museum is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Every year the Museum grows, there’s a significant need for funding to help enhance exhibits using new technologies, make educational classes more challenging and fun, and improve our World-class display of over 150 cars.

A few words from our Executive Director –

Dear Friend,

The California Auto Museum is recognized regionally for its historical collection, educational classes for  all ages, and outstanding docents. Because of you, we have had the privilege of touching the lives of thousands during the past twenty-seven years, so we cannot thank you enough for your support.  We hope you will join with us as we bridge our historical content with new technology!

IMG_3499With your help, we have been able to create a custom interactive app for visitors to use on a tablet as they tour the Museum.  This app, developed and sponsored in-part by IDMLOCO, will adapt to new automobiles and exhibits as we grow and change.  However, we still need funding to implement this new app through the pur-chase of hardware (tablets, cases, touch screens) and to upgrade our network.

  • $50 will pay for wi-fi in the Museum for one month.
  • $75 will purchase a charging station for 5 tablets.
  • $100 will purchase a shock-proof case for one of our tablets.
  • $250 will help purchase a new touch-screen monitor.
  • $500 will purchase one new tablet.

As you probably already know, our docents are some of the finest in the world, and while other museums have long-ago implemented the technology of audio tours into their services, we have relied on the personal touch of a real person to guide our visitors through the Museum.  This new app will allow us to not only provide an enhancement tool for those who decline our docent tours, but will also empower our docents to offer a better personalized tour to visitors by providing audio (“Listen to what this car sounds like”) and video (“Watch this racecar in motion”) enrichments to their storytelling.

The powerful combination of amazing docents, historical vehicles and relevant technology will truly enable “network effects” that will grow audiences and foster self-perpetuating conversations about the Museum’s collections, activities and messages.  Mobile products do not yield these benefits on their own, but rather as an integral part of the new eco-system being formed at the California Automobile Museum.

This eco-system of patrons, cars, docents and technology is being built on three important principles the Museum espouses:

  • Relevance:  the Museum’s responsibility to make its collections, content and activities meaningful and accessible to the broadest possible audiences;
  • Quality: high standards and innovation support the Museum’s core mission to preserve, exhibit and teach the story of the automobile;
  • Sustainability: the Museum’s enduring obligation to deliver both quality and relevance to its audiences – forever.

In order for the California Automobile Museum to continue to provide the highest level of educational, historical and entertaining tours to our patrons – young and old – your continued financial support is critical.  Small or large, every donation is appreciated and is used to provide a learning environment for each of our patrons.On behalf of our entire Museum Community, I thank you for your generosity.





Karen McClaflin, Executive Director

P.S. Donations may be made by cash, check or credit card, in honor or memory of a friend or loved one, as a payroll deduction or matching employer gift, or as a gift for that friend or relative who has everything!

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Thank you to those who have donated to the California Automobile Museum’s Annual Fund in 2014!

Michael & Laura Akahori
Milton & Jane Balian
Paul A. Bird
Richard Bleau
Ronald Bramlett
Lee & Beverly Butler
Kurt Campbell
David Canada
Ken Cemo
Classic Corvairs of River City
Dennis Cole
Phillip & Jennifer Connell
Margaret Cook
Donald Craghead
Bev & Jean Davis
Carolynn Drudik
William Easton
John & Virginia Edlund
David & Patricia Eichner
Jack & Sharon Eskelson
Nianne Fisch
Dennis Flint
Robert Florence
Lana & Igal Gafter
Richard Gould
Avery & Joan Greene
Bill & Grace Greenwood
Helen Hammer
Hangtown  Model ‘A’ Club
John Holm
Julian & Diane Holt
Patrick & Kaela Hopkins
Don Jarrell
Joe Jimena
Peter Karp
Jim & Barbara Kellogg
Stephen Koonce
Alan Lampe
Charley Lillard
Leonard Lloyd
Greg Lurmann
Michael McNally
Richard Merry
Dennis Neal
Merle & Judith Neel
Julie & Larry Nelson
Nor Cal Olds Club
Jon Norman
Mary Ann Orr
Patricia Roberts
Bill Rodgers
Ralph Roper
Mary Anne Schendzelos
Bill Schulte
John & Marilyn Shirey
Howard Stagg
John & Nancy Tennyson
Glenn & Gwen Tilton
Douglas Warrener
Milton Webb
Craig Whitehead
Donald Wiesner
David Wilson
Bill Woodward