Upcoming Exhibits

Upcoming or rotating exhibits at the California Automobile Museum are one of a kind. Our curator hand picks the cars that are on display which you can see inside the Museum for only a limited time. These are unique exhibits to Sacramento and the only one of their kind in the world. We completely rely on our own resources to coordinate the vehicles on display.


Auto Exotica: A Celebration of Modern Supercars

December 13, 2014 through February 1, 2015

Ferrari_458_California Automobile Museum Exhibit Super Cars                    Ford_GT California Automobile Museum Exhibit Super Cars

This winter, the California Automobile Museum will host an exhibit of some of the rarest modern cars to grace the streets of Sacramento. These cars are the high-performance, rare, sports cars that haunt the dreams of many a teenager and adult alike. They look fast, even when standing still. And they are both beautiful and awe-inspiring.

This short seven-week exhibit will include a dozen high-end vehicles  and even a superbike! But what makes this exhibit so different from others at the California Automobile Museum is that these cars are not historic in that they are old. They are historic because they are game-changing vehicles! Plus, these wild beasts of the car world will all have been recently in production. Sorry Lamborghini Miura, we love you, but not in this exhibit.

In addition to helping complete the history of the car, these powerful, rare, and sexy automobiles are the cars that can make the boys and girls of today fall in love with the car world. The California Automobile Museum welcomes new museum visitors to this exhibit, where they can see all of automotive history come to life.


Flashy Fins & 50s

February 14 through June 7, 2015

Cadillac_fin_California Automobile Museum Exhibits 50sThe American 1950s were a time full of excess, flash, and expansion. What better represents this time than the tailfins on American automobiles?

Experience the flashy design of post-WWII  culture through a selection of beautiful, sculptural fins.

Check back for more information.


Future Museum-Wide Exhibit Transformation

All of us at the California Automobile Museum are excited for the prospect of a complete renovation of our current facilities. A new roof and much improved heating and cooling are just the beginning!

While our plans are not yet final, we have a clear vision of goals to achieve to bring our beloved Museum into the present and future. An expansion to the building moves some of our current services and provides the Museum with almost 50% more square footage for exhibition space!

Below is the conceptual plan for the new layout of exhibits within the Museum. Please note that this is very much a work in progress and may change considerably before the final product is complete. However, we wanted to get you as excited as we are about the amazing possibilities of a redesigned museum!

Enjoy this sneak peak.



Museum members will enjoy free admission throughout the duration of these exhibits along with special discounts applied in the Giftshop and tickets to Museum-sponsored events. To learn more about these exhibits and membership options, please call (916) 442-6802.