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Cars Were the Answer to Environmental Issues…

03 Apr

AUTO MUSEUM HIGHLIGHTS VEHICLE ENVIRONMENTAL CHALLENGES OF THE PAST AND PRESENT IN SECOND SATURDAY TOUR Imagine taking a casual walk down Capitol Avenue during a time before cars. Children playing outside (remember this is pre-smartphone) the wind brushing through the trees and the pungent stink of piles of manure! Manure from all the horses and […]

What’s Special About Flash & Flair?

06 Mar

A curator choosing a favorite exhibit is as hard as choosing a favorite pet –impossible. Except, I do have a special fondness for the Flash & Flair exhibit that recently opened. Why? Maybe because it opened on Valentine’s Day and that infused me with love? Maybe because I experimented with a few new display ideas […]

FUEL Newsletter: A Guide to Trips with the California Automobile Museum

27 Feb

Get the 411 on everything an anything about trips with the California Automobile Museum. We want to make sure you have a chance to contribute to our mission in this fun and very unique way. Trips with the California Automobile Museum are coordinated in-house and are planned to be interesting, fun, and adventurous!  

Trip! Italy 2015 itinerary and prices release!

24 Feb

Join the California Auto Museum and the Saratoga Auto Museum on another bucket-list tour to Italy.  From August 29 through September 7, 2015 we experience the wonderful cuisine, beautiful and historic scenery, and the legendary automotive heart of Italy around Bologna and Modena (the “Motor Valley”). Experience iconic Italian marques like Ducati, Lamborghini, Maserati and Ferrari amongst […]

CAM planning renovation starting in 2015

09 Feb

Have you heard about our plans to renovate our current facility?  In 2015, we hope to purchase the building and property from the City of Sacramento and replace the roof, including adding HVAC, a new sprinkler system, and maybe even some skylights as Phase 1. Phase 2 will be a new 2-story addition of 18,000 square […]

Fin-tastic Fun and Excess

05 Feb

Fin-tastic Fun and Excess CA Auto Museum revs up for a new exhibit showing off flashy fins of Atomic Age cars BY EICHLER NETWORK Source: MORE SHARING SERVICESSHARE|SHARE ON PRINTSHARE ON EMAILSHARE ON TWITTERSHARE ON FACEBOOK Think of the late 1950s, think about cars, think about excess, about fun—and you’re thinking about fins. Now you […]

GOTG Guide to Free Museum Day (Sat 2/7)

05 Feb

GOTG Guide to Free Museum Day (Sat 2/7) Published on February 5, 2015 | Leave a response By Erica Root  Source: Every year, Sacramento museums comes together to host a free museum day. It’s a wonderful opportunity for Sacramentans to experience museums in their own back yard for free (or half-priced) admission. This year the 17th annual Sacramento Museum […]