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FUEL Newsletter! Jan/Feb edition

02 Jan

When I was recently asked about the relevancy of museums today, I pondered whether the automobile collection found in our museum was something that visitors simply enjoyed, or could it have a greater influence, perhaps even a life-changing experience. I began to list people who, I felt in one way or another, had been affected […]

Should I Buy or Lease a Car? By Bradley Taylor

27 Nov

The decision to buy or lease a new vehicle is one that comes with plenty of advantages and disadvantages to each option. A few defining variables to bear in mind when making the choice are the mileage which will be put on the vehicle, available cash flow, and whether or not ownership is paramount to […]

California Automobile Museum plans new home

09 Sep

“Located in Sacramento, California, the California Automobile Museum occupies a patch of largely vacant industrial land on the banks of the Sacramento River. Its current building, leased from the city, dates back several decades, lacks air conditioning and leaks from both its roof and windows in heavy rains. That may not be the case much […]

September/October FUEL Newsletter

09 Sep

September is “Back To School” season for the California Automobile Museum as well! Not only are getting ready for school tours, but we also have four classes in September for anyone who is interested in photographing cars, learning how to detail your car, the inner workings of a Model A, and kids who want to […]