FUEL Newsletter from the California Automobile Museum! July/August 2014

02 Jul

Time is Ticking: Museum’s Bucket List Makes Progress
From the Desk of Executive Director, Karen McClaflin

California Automobile Museum - Karen McClaflinI have a dear friend who has been diagnosed with cancer and is currently going through chemotherapy. The C word – Cancer. When mortality is in question, you start to look at your own life and what you’ve accomplished. There have been some days recently when I’ve thought about — it’s a trite term, but occasionally useful — my bucket list.

I want to travel across Europe, own a classic car, become fluent in Italian, learn how to play different percussion instruments, live near the sea and enjoy food (maybe even beer from hops) grown in my own garden.

As of the deadline for this column, these goals remained largely unmet. But I did fix a broken patio umbrella last week, spent the weekend in Bodega Bay, and made a delicious salad Monday night.

I want to take more leaps in my life, and leaping calls for us to choose significance over safety. Transforming mediocrity into magic.

The Museum is about to take some significant leaps as well, and I’m extremely excited about that! We just graduated a fabulous new group of docents who are sure to make an impact around the Museum, we’ve hired a new Vehicle Sales Person, Mark Woodward, who is learning the ropes, and as of this printing, we are currently looking for a new Education & Program Manager – all potentially magic-making!

As for our Building Project, we are presently getting bids for our new roof and HVAC (incredibly exciting if you’ve spent any time in the Museum during a rainstorm!) and hope to take ownership of the building and land this summer. The Museum’s bucket list in action!

I challenge you to join us in some (perhaps small) way as we see this exciting progress happen. Respond to our upcoming annual appeal, join us for the CAM Car Cruise on August 9, drop in to see the exciting new exhibit “Selling the Dream,” or maybe sign up for one of our upcoming classes. Be a part of history at the California Automobile Museum!!

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